AMP Digital Innovations is pleased to offer Traditional Media Strategy to compliment our clients’ Digital Marketing Campaigns.

We work with our clients to determine the best way to compliment digital campaigns utilizing traditional media avenues (television, radio, print, and billboards).

Victoria French: Traditional Media Strategist 316-807-4685

Campaign Development and Implementation
-Help our clients determine the type of campaign to run and how best to reach their target audience using a traditional media mix in coordination with digital campaigns & strategies.
-Develop strategic campaigns based on client needs. Whether it is targeted programming or broad branding, AMP does the research to determine the best way to get the clients’ message to the consumer.
-Work with media outlets to develop specific schedules based on client needs.
-Place media with chosen outlets and follow up to make sure advertising runs as promised and work to track ROI.
-Help identify target audiences and plan media campaigns.
-Compare and negotiate rates, ad space and airtime.
-Optimize plans and budgets according to the best media mix.

In addition, AMP Digital Innovations offers the following services to clients.
-Creative Campaign Development
-Promotional Event Planning and Implementation